Short Classes

Here you'll find some of the short courses and replays we've recorded over time, that have had a positive impact on our students.


Natural Hair Care Formulation – Groom Your Fro

You'll learn step by step how to create different types and forms of hair care products that are suited to different hair types and needs.


The Acne Secrets Training

After this class you'll be able to apply the skills and knowledge you've gained to select high performance ingredients and make highly functional products for acne prone skins.


Introduction to Natural Cosmetic Formulation

This class teaches you industry secrets you need to know to start formulating at a professional level!


Natural Lotion Base Formulation

The Natural Lotion Base Formulation Workshop teaches to come up with stable lotion base formulations from scratch that are compatible with a wide range of active ingredients.


Baby Care Formulation

Take your formulation skills to the next level by learning how to formulate a range of safe, effective and nourishing baby care products.


Natural Formulation for Uneven Skin Tone

This masterclass gives you the information and knowledge you need to create functional products to help your clients get back their confidence through a healthy and even skin tone!


Customizing African Black Soap Masterclass

Go beyond just mixing black soap unprofessionally to Crafting Your Own Custom Range Of Unique and Professional Black Soap Cleansers for Different Skin Types.


Black Soap Super Bundle

This bundle is a combination of 3 eBooks: The Natural Formulation Ebook, The black soap ebook and the Six steps to Preserving Your Formulations.


Formulating Effective Products with Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a fantastic ingredient for skin and hair care with antibacterial, anti-blemish/skin brightening, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Cosmetic Microbiology 101

The Cosmetic Microbiology 101 masterclass is perfect for anyone looking to master the art of selecting and putting the best preservative system in place for skin, hair, and personal care formulations.


pH and its Application in Cosmetic Formulation

The class is easy to follow, covers all you need to know about pH in a simple way that anyone can understand whether or not you have a science background.


Designing Foaming Facial Cleansers

The Designing Foaming Facial Cleansers Masterclass teaches you how to create high quality foaming, yet mild cleansers for delicate facial skins.


7 Ways of Monetizing Your Cosmetic Formulation Skills

This Masterclass is an opportunity to get insider secrets, strategies, and tactics on how to make money in this EXPANDING MULTI BILLION NAIRA industry.


Why Your Acne Formulations are not Working.

This WEBINAR course shows you all the pitfalls I've discovered that can affect the overall performance of your acne formulations and how you can avoid them.


Making Your Own Version of Any Cosmetic Product.

This class will teach you how to create your own improved version of any cosmetic product.


Product Duplication – Amlactin

This class teaches you step by step how to create your own signature version of this product without jeopardizing its efficacy.


Product Duplication – Paula’s Choice Azelaic acid Booster

This class teaches you how to make your own version of this top notch product while also learning to formulate with these cosmeceuticals.

What Our Students Have to Say

"Your classes are very worth it. Sometimes no amount of reading can make one grasp some intricacies of formulation until it is explained by someone who has put the theories to experimentation just like you do."
Beautiful L., Formulator
From Lagos, Nigeria
"Sommie, the baby skincare class was everything. I made a body butter for my son and the glow and freshness is sweet. Why don't you create a complete skincare course I can buy and go through at my own time? Even if it's next year."
Amos baby
From Nigeria
"I never like to dabble into formulating anything except I've gotten a lot of information especially as regards tweaking a recipe, what works and what doesn't, what's necessary and what isn't. And your blacksoap class, as well as your other classes that I've attended have really helped with formulating and understanding what it means to formulate SMARTLY! God bless you Sommie."
Dami O, Formulation Student
From Lagos.
"I told my husband that I am joining a formulation class again. He said I didn't need it since I have been reading from multiple sources about such, all this while. I explained to him that the nitti-gritties of all the factors you mentioned like choice of emulsifiers, stability, synergy, and interaction, penetration, pH adjustment etc. are hardly mentioned in practical terms in those sources like the way you do in your classes and these are the things that set formulations apart. And I trust your class. That is why I kuku paid...!"
A Originals
From Nigeria