pH and its Application in Cosmetic Formulation

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Course Description

pH is a critical factor in ensuring the overall performance of your cosmetic products!

Find out everything you need to know about pH and how to apply it to your personal care formulations, so that they perform as they should.

No more guesswork – you’ll go from novice to informed expert!

Whether you’re a beauty products influencer, an aesthetician, trichologist, a formulator, or just want to learn more about pH and its impact on the skin and hair, this class is a must.

Key concepts covered include:

  • What is pH? How does pH affect stability?
  • What role does pH play in your overall formulation?
  • Why should you pay special attention to pH when formulating any product containing water?
  • What are some simple changes you can make to adjust pH in your skin care formulations?
  • How do you create buffer solutions to adjust the pH of your skin and hair care products?

The class is easy to follow, covers all you need to know about pH in a simple way that anyone can understand whether or not you have a science background.

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