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Course Description

This class teaches you how to formulate nourishing high performance products for African hair types.

During this class, you’ll learn step by step how to create different types and forms of hair care products (Shampoos, Detangling sprays, masks conditioners, butters etc.) that are suited to different hair types and needs.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Learn in depth about the science of African hair.
  • Discover various classes of ingredients and how they affect African hair.
  • Learn the various factors that can affect your choice of ingredients and how to select ingredients when formulating for different purposes.
  • Learn about herbs and how to incorporate them properly into your formulations.
  • Learn effective preservation techniques.

No science background is necessary!

Formulation Worksheet For Cleansing Products:

Formulation Worksheet For Hair Sprays:

Formulation Worksheet For Hair Oils & Butters:

Formulation Worksheet For Conditioners:

UPDATED: 6-Steps To Preserving Your Natural Formulations:

Hair Care Products Summary: