Making Your Own Version of Any Cosmetic Product.

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Course Description

This class will teach you how to create your own improved version of any cosmetic product. So that, instead of stressing and going through the hassles of reinventing the wheel, you can focus on creating products that have been proven to be successful in the marketplace.

This product duplication class teaches you in detail, step by step how to create your own version of any cosmetic product you deem fit.

Key concepts covered include:

  • How to evaluate different types and forms of cosmetic products, determine their most important features and decipher which ingredients are responsible for it.
  • How to read an ingredient label and determine the concentration and function of each ingredient in the formula
  • Ingredient selections and substitution
  • How to troubleshoot cosmetic formulas and create different versions and prototypes till you achieve your desired product.

Are you looking to delve into the niche of formula and product development from idea conception to completion? 

Then this class is perfect for you.