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Course Description

This bundle is a combination of 3 eBooks: The Natural Formulation eBook, The Black Soap eBook and the Six steps to Preserving Your Formulations.

1. The Natural Formulation eBook introduces you to the world of professional cosmetic formulation.

This eBook goes into details about

  • Basic Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Basic formulation math which is broken down into easy steps to show you how to calculate your formulas and scale up your formulations to any batch size you deem fit.
  • How to calculate measurements and create PERCENTAGE BASED formulas, professionally.
  • Different skin types and ingredients that are best suited for them

It is perfect for those who are just starting out and it also contains different beginner friendly formulas of different products like: Body scrubs, Emulsions (lotion and cream), Face masks, Body butter, Face Toners, Face serums etc.

2. The Black Soap eBook contains all you need to know about customizing African black soap, from herbs and the different ingredients you need, to incorporating them properly and effectively to achieve different textures.

So that you can start to customize black soap cleansers professionally for different skin types and conditions.

3. The Six Steps To Preserving Your  Formulations gives you insight on different precautions to take in your cosmetic formulations in addition to adding a preservative, to enable you protect your formulations effectively.

This comprehensive guide will arm you with the information and techniques needed to prevent your formulations from going bad so you can achieve a reasonable shelf life without worry of causing harm or embarrassment.

Invest in this Black Soap Super Bundle today, perfect for beginner product formulators!