Baby Care Formulation

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Course Description

Discover the secrets to making professional baby care formulations to nourish babies delicate and sensitive skins.

Key concepts covered include:

  • The structural differences between the adult’s and baby’s skin.
  • How to formulate foaming and non-foaming mild cleansers suitable for babies from 0 months upwards – to clean effectively, without drying out the delicate skin.
  • How to formulate moisturizers and skin protectants to support the infants developing skin.
  • How to select functional and active ingredients that are appropriate for babies and ingredients to avoid.
  • Different common infant skin conditions that affect babies’ skin such as: diaper rash, Seborrheic dermatitis popularly known as eela. And how to formulate products to manage them effectively.
  • The effective application of herbs for baby skin care.

Take your formulation skills to the next level by learning how to formulate a range of safe, effective and nourishing baby care products

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