Paid Courses

Cosmetic Microbiology 101

Course Description This class teaches you in depth about the microorganisms you’re up against and the tips and tricks you need to keep unwanted microorganisms out of your formulations. The Cosmetic Microbiology 101 masterclass is perfect for anyone looking to master the art of selecting and putting the best preservative system in place for skin,

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The Acne Secrets Training

Course Description This is a self paced online course designed for Cosmetic formulators and brands looking to go beyond just formulating simple products to formulating advanced products with high performance botanicals and cosmeceuticals scientifically proven to help manage oily and acne prone skin. After this class you’ll be able to apply the skills and knowledge

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Natural Lotion Base Formulation

Course Description The Natural Lotion Base Formulation Workshop teaches to come up with stable lotion base formulations from scratch that are compatible with a wide range of active ingredients so you can create different products like conditioners, body polishes, and cosmeceutical based products from one base. Key concepts covered include: Start formulating unique lotion bases,

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